Sell Products Online On ZIZI Kenya - Over 4 million customers to reach

Do you have a specific or a variety of products that you sell? Do you have a physical store or you only have a storage room you keep them in? How many customers do you reach out to monthly? How many sales do you get from the corner of your store? It is time to go bigger and better. The next level of buying and selling is now on the internet, it is so much better and convenient for both sellers and buyers. You only have to find an appropriate channel to get your products connected to the right buyer. That is what ZIZI CLICK is an expert at. ZIZI is Africa’s number one e-commerce company with a reach of over 4 million customers in Kenya alone. This means that if you need a place that exposes your products to a wide range of customers from all across Kenya, you need to sign up now to be a vendor. You get the chance to show your products to customers miles away from you without spending an extra cost for advertising, delivery, customer service, or aftersales.

Sell Genuine Products Online & Make More Money

Move along with the evolution and join the train of the fast-growing e-commerce world. Your goods and products would be reaching a wider range of people from all over the country and you get the chance to make more than KSH 50,000 monthly. You only need to sign up and enjoy all the benefits included. Remember that signing up is absolutely free, so what else are you waiting for? After signing up, we also train you on everything you need to know from the basics of selling online to packaging, operations, marketing, and sales. So are you based in Nairobi and you have a collection of genuine and brand new products to sell? Join the ZIZI marketplace family now and make more money.

Reach Millions of customers

ZIZI is now in millions of houses all around Kenya, get the chance to show your products to millions of them everyday.

40% of our Sellers make more than KSH 50,000 a month

Ecommerce is the future, join ZIZI and increase your sales substantially.

We do the heavy lifting.

ZIZI takes care of your free training, customer delivery, money collection, customer service, after sales and much more.

 It's free to open your store.

Opening a store on ZIZI is absolutely free. You can open a store at any time and start selling as quickly as you can upload your products online.

 ZIZI University

Not an e-commerce wiz yet? Don’t worry about it. We offer free training on everything ranging from the very basics of e-commerce to Operations, Marketing, Finance, and Sales. Our Vendor University will make you an e-commerce guru in no time.

Large Support Team.

Our large team of Vendor support specialist is always on hand to offer assistance and advice on any of your inquiries.


To be a Vendor on ZIZI you must be based in Nairobi. Currently due to our delivery promise to our customers we only accept Vendors with operations in Nairobi. 

Genuine and New Products

To be a Vendor on ZIZI you must sell Genuine and New products only. We do not accept gently used or fake items.