Welcome to ZIZI

Are you in the logistics business? We work with over 40 partners in and out of Kenya. Join this force today by sending us an email with your details. 

We are expanding our logistics network, to cover more key cities in Kenya with affordable delivery options

We want to do this by partnering with existing local business owners in each key town, so they become Logistics Service Partners & can earn additional income

Partners will offer to Pick Up Station services within their towns, with Cash on Delivery payment options for customers. High performing partners can take on Delivery for their town too over time.

ZIZI will support Partners by doing the middle mile logistics from Nairobi, with training & marketing support (e.g. branding)

Partners will earn for each package they deliver and are invited to join the ZIZI Force program (where they can earn additional commissions by helping customers place orders)

Through this program, we hope to support local business owners & significantly reduce the cost of delivery for ZIZI customers across the country

Over the coming weeks we will:

1. Review all submissions, town by town (starting with Mt Kenya region)
2. Pick the top 2 partners per town and visit them.
3. We shall initially select 1 partner per town, and expand to 2 partners when the volumes grow too big or if we run into challenges with the first partner.
4. We will brand your location, train you how to operate the Pick Up Station and train your Sales Agents on making sales on ZIZI.
5. When we are ready to go, we will do a local media launch together - naming you as our ZIZI City Partner and kick off operations with 1 month of FREE Pick Up.