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Do you know that the average Kenyan visits ZIZI first to conduct research before they make a purchase decision not just online, but also offline? Why not reach them here at this crucial stage of their purchase journey? By signing up to ZIZI Advertising as a client you stand to increase your brand awareness improve product sales, generate qualified leads for clients like banks/insurances & also drive repeat purchases.


1.1 Billion+Pageviews per year

2nd most visited local content website in Kenya with advertising inventory

10 Million+Sessions Per Month

Full Ecosystem Research
For the first time ever, reach your audience across the entire Group ecosystem on the website, application, newsletter, push notifications, social media, etc.
You can also be featured on
The Chamber Press - www.thechamber.press
Buy Kenya - www.buykenya.co.ke
Soko Website - www.soko.website 
Target audience
Extensive targeting capability to ensure you reach the right audience
Performance management
Get weekly detailed campaign performance reports and insights.